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Welcome to the Coaching Page.

If you’re interested in working with me one-on-one, this is the place to find out how it works, who it’s for and how you’ll benefit.

My big philosophy since Day 1 of creating The Song Foundry has been that all artists are special, all artists are different, and therefore every artist needs nurturing in their own way.

That’s why I don’t sell expensive video courses or step-by-step programs. They’re a great way to learn computer coding or lose weight, but they’re terrible ways to become a better artist.

Instead, I focused on packing the site with tons of free ideas and tools you can use in your own way. And there’s no better way to do that than with one-on-one attention from an experienced mentor who’s been there themselves.

Feel free to explore this page and please get in touch if you have any questions. And once you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, just hit the button below and let’s fix up a free consultation to get started.

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Why Coaching?

New Ideas

Knowledge is power. You’ll deepen your understanding of how songs work so you can write smarter, better and faster.

More Creativity

Creativity is a skill that you learn. You’ll learn how to burst through the common creative blocks and master the creative process on your own terms.

More Confidence

You’ll get honest and constructive feedback on your songs and feel more and more confident about following your own creative path.

Learn from the Masters

We’ll take apart some of the greatest songs of all time, so you can learn their secrets and use them in the songs you create.

I had a great coaching session with Ed a few weeks ago. As I’m still pretty new to songwriting we didn’t have a huge amount of material to work with, but I found his advice helpful and informative. Would definitely recommend the service to those who are looking for a different perspective on their writing.

Milly, New York City

Ed is a great coach and an even better person.

Jacob, Westchester, NY

Who is it for?


Quickly master the fundamentals of songwriting and start turning your ideas into songs.

Singers and Instrumentalists

Build on your experiences as a performer and channel all of that into creating something new.

Early Career Professionals

Get valuable feedback while you’re still getting established and make sure your songs stand out from the crowd.

Hobby Writers

Refine your craft, get inspired by new creative challenges and keep growing as an artist.

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Ready to take your songs to the next level?

Sign up for a free, no obligation consultation and let’s discuss your needs.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Skype Coaching Prices

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Coaching FAQs

Do I have to write in a specific genre?

No. There’s no set writing program – I’ll help you explore the genre or genres you want to work in. And because most of my professional work is in theatre and film, I have a broad background as a writer and can help you in virtually any genre.

Do I have to play an instrument?

Not necessarily. If you want to write music and don’t have any experience as a performer, I recommend you get some lessons on that first. But if you’re happy writing lyrics only, musical experience helps but isn’t necessary.

Do I have to commit to taking regular coaching sessions?

Do what’s right for you. If you’re interested in developing your skills longer term, you’ll make the best progress if you commit to sessions at least twice a month. But if you’re just looking for mentoring during a specific project or period, that’s fine too.

About Ed

Ed Bell is a songwriter and educator. He’s been teaching music for over a decade and coaching at The Song Foundry since 2015.

As a professional writer, coach and music director, he’s worked on projects in New York, London, LA and Edinburgh. He was recently an Artist in Residence at Oriental DreamWorks, Shanghai.

Ed graduated from Cambridge University in 2009 and The Royal College of Music in 2012. He’s a proud member of ASCAP and The Dramatists Guild of America.

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