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Welcome to The Song Foundry


We’re not like most songwriting sites.


We’re not about interviews with artists or anecdotes from the studio. We’re not about ways to win over industry execs. We’re not about the latest Cubase plugin or virtual synth.

We’re about writing great songs. We’re about how words, music and structure work. We’re about how to write songs that change people’s lives. We’re about how to think, breathe and live like a songwriter. We’re about how anyone, anywhere can learn to be a great songwriter if they stick at it. 

We know we’re not for everyone. If being famous is more important to you than writing great material, we probably can’t help you. But if you’re here to master your artform, to find ways to unleash your creativity and create some really remarkable songs, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re glad to have you.

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Ed’s eBook, The Art of Songwriting, is now available. It’s a down-to-earth guide to life, art and songwriting.

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