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Ed Bell. The Song Foundry. Songwriting coaching. Songwriting tips. Songwriting inspiration.

I’m a songwriter, author and entrepreneur.

I created The Song Foundry and wrote most of the content on the site.

Here at The Song Foundry we do things a bit differently.

We’re not about getting a record deal. We’re not about the latest Ableton update. And we’re not about how you should totally take my ideas seriously because, like, this one time I worked with Lady Gaga.*

We’re about how great songs work. We’re about how great songs are made. We’re about how great songwriters aren’t just musicians, but artists too.

And we’re about how anyone, anywhere can become a great songwriter if they’re prepared to keep working at it.

We’re not for everyone. If you care more about being famous than about writing great songs, we probably can’t help you. But if you’re here to master your art form, think outside the box and unlock every last drop of your creative potential, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome. I’m glad you found us.

*No, if you were wondering, I’ve never worked with Lady Gaga.

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