Song Critique Service

Get personalized, professional feedback on your songs

What It Is

Receiving a Song Critique is a great way to get feedback on your songs or get a valued second opinion before you record a track or submit to a competition or program.

You’ll get detailed and personalized feedback on your songs, designed to improve your writing skills and help you reach your goals.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask for feedback on specific areas you’re trying to improve, otherwise you’ll receive feedback on whatever areas seem most important in each song.


How It Works

1) You pre-pay for as many song critiques as you want via this page. (Payment is secured by PayPal.)

2) Once payment clears, you’ll get the link to submit your materials within 48 hours.

3) I spend some quality time listening to and reviewing your materials, and then create a personalized, 300-word report on each song.

4) You receive your professional, personalized report in your inbox within seven working days.

Ed – thanks so much for the thoughtful, insightful critique. We were so thrilled that you thought the songs were working – that means a lot to us – and your notes are great. Really smart, insightful and helpful. Just wanted to say thanks so much.

Steven, Chicago

(Please be ready to submit materials for all critiques within 48 hours.)

Ed Bell Headshot | Song Critique Service

Hello. I’m Ed Bell and I created The Song Foundry in 2014.

I’ve been working in music education for over a decade and coaching songwriters one-to-one at The Song Foundry since 2015.

In that time I’ve gotten really good at inspiring, challenging and motivating songwriters to improve their writing skills and reach their goals. This is what I do in everything I do at The Song Foundry, including offering songwriting critiques.

In each 300-word critique you’ll get feedback on what I think works really well in your song as well as what you can do to improve your song, or what you can think about to develop your skills in your next song.

It’s your song. You’re the boss. I’m never going to tell you what you have to do, or even what you should do – just what to think about to improve. And there’s no rating your song out of ten or tearing it apart for no reason: it’s just about giving you the honest, in depth and inspiring feedback that’s going to take your skills to the next level.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m really confident you’ll love the feedback you get but I want you to be confident in your purchase too. If you receive feedback that isn’t helpful, feels like a total downer or makes no sense to you, just let me know. I’ll do my best to fix it within seven working days. And if you’re still unhappy, I’ll send you a full refund – seriously – no questions asked.