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Hi. I’m Ed Bell.

I’m a songwriter, author and educator.

I’ve written songs for Oriental DreamWorks, edited music for ITV, worked on dozens of music and theatre projects around the world, and wrote the bestselling book The Art of Songwriting.

I also created The Song Foundry: a site dedicated to giving you the tools, ideas and inspiration you need to take your songwriting skills to the next level.


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This is in the top 3 of all books I have ever read on songwriting and I keep going back to it.
Probably the clearest book there is on the subject, with one invaluable tip after another. Must read!

Amazon UK Review of 'The Art of Songwriting'

I’ve been confused by song structure for too long, decided to finally look for answers and this video and bonus handout were perfect! Thank you so much!

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Great book – I got it yesterday and can’t put it down, highly recommended! Really gives a new perspective that is different from other songwriting books!

Amazon US Review of 'The Art of Songwriting'

I’m a songwriter and I really enjoyed watching your videos. You’re a genius.

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