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This is in the top three of all books I have ever read on songwriting and I keep going back to it. It’s probably the clearest book there is on the subject, with one invaluable tip after another. Must read!

Amazon Review of Ed's 'The Art of Songwriting'

Ed, thanks so much for the thoughtful, insightful critique. We were so thrilled that you thought the songs were working – that means a lot to us – and your notes are great. Really smart, insightful and helpful.

Song Critique Review

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Unlimited Course Access

Access to every single course video and handout we have, plus an extensive library of bonus resources.

• How to Write a Song: A 10-Step Process
• How to Write Lyrics: Strategies, Tools & Techniques
• How Chord Progressions Work: Harmony 101 for Songwriters

Plus new courses as they’re added.

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Get invaluable insights, tips and inspiration from successful songwriters including:

And many, many more.

Zoom Feedback Workshops

Exclusive access to the regular Zoom Feedback Workshops, where writers present songs and get real-time feedback from their peers and the session moderator.

The workshops are a great opportunity to roadtest your songs, learn a ton from other writers and find out what other songwriters in the community are working on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ALL ACCESS Pass?

The ALL ACCESS Pass is the ultimate way to access all of our best lessons and opportunities – it gives you unlimited access to all of our courses plus a whole host of exclusive live events and other perks, for a low monthly subscription.

It’s a great way to try out all of the courses we offer without picking a specific one, and a great way to level up your songwriting if you’re really serious about getting ahead.

Who is ALL ACCESS for?

ALL ACCESS is for any songwriter who wants to level up their songwriting and become part of a supportive writing community – whether they write just for fun or want to make a living as a musician.

It’s also for songwriters who write or want to write in any genre. We don’t cater specifically to one kind of writer because a) once you’ve learnt the fundamentals of songwriting, they apply to every genre, b) the best type of songwriter is a versatile songwriter who can work in a few genres, and c) there’s a lot songwriters can learn from writers who specialize in other genres.

Most of our courses and resources focus on songwriting – writing chords, lyrics, melodies and grooves – instead of production. But unless you’re purely production-focused, there’ll be plenty of value inside for you too.

Our community is made up of writers at lots of different levels of experience – some are new to songwriting and some have been writing for years and come to make new connections and keep their skills sharp.

If you’re a complete beginner, ALL ACCESS probably won’t be a great fit for you just yet. We recommend you get started with one or more of our beginner-friendly courses – especially How to Write a Song – then think about joining ALL ACCESS once you’ve got at least four or five songs under your belt.

Why pay when so much online songwriting content is free?

It might sound obvious, but you get what you pay for. That’s it. That’s the answer.

There is plenty of great free songwriting content online – including here on The Song Foundry site. But there’s only so much free content can do for you. That’s just how it works – songwriting educators need to live and eat too, so it’s hard for any of them to give you their best work unless they’re getting paid for it.

We might not be able to offer our ALL ACCESS content for free, but it’s hard to emphasize enough how insanely affordable access to it is. A single year’s tuition (not including living expenses) at Berklee College of Music costs around $36,000, and even a lot of online courses cost $100+ for three hours of video lessons, so what we offer gives you much better value for money.

We know, Spotify and YouTube have made everyone think everything should be available for free online. But we think we’ve found a better, fairer and much more sustainable model: you chip in a few dollars each month, and we’ll bring you the best educational content and opportunities we can, with no distracting ads, zero sponsored content and nobody trying to sell you more and more once you’re inside.

How long do I have to commit?

One of the reasons we built our ALL ACCESS community was to provide a top-quality songwriting educational environment that’s affordable enough that everyone in it can stick around.

When you subscribe, there’s no minimum or maximum commitment – you can stay as long (or short) as the community and resources we offer are useful to you.

That said, the kind of real-life growth you’ll get out of joining ALL ACCESS won’t come overnight, but it will be the kind of growth that lasts a lifetime. So while we hope you’ll start seeing improvements to your songwriting right away, it may take 3–6 months before your skills really start to fly. But the investment will be worth it ten times over, we promise.

Can I subscribe in a currency that isn't US dollars?

Yes – absolutely.

We price everything in US dollars because it’s usually considered the main global currency, but if you choose the ‘Checkout using PayPal’ option at checkout, you can pay in pretty much any currency you like.

PayPal takes care of the currency conversion automatically, which means there are no bank or card fees for you. Please be aware, though, that if you sign up for a subscription the actual amount you’re charged each billing cycle will change slightly depending on the current exchange rate.

Why pay monthly when I can buy the courses?

W have different enrolment options to suit songwriters at different levels and different stages in their careers.

If you’re just getting started, or only want access to specific courses, buying the courses you want to work through is definitely your best option.

Otherwise, our ALL ACCESS subscription is the best way to get the maximum value out of everything we offer. It’s the best way to invest in your long-term growth as a songwriter and the only way to access all of the ALL ACCESS live events plus our library of songwriter interviews.

Running an ongoing program of live events like this takes regular input from Ed and any guest artists and facilitators, working on a subscription model is the best way for this to happen. Basically, as an ALL ACCESS subscriber you throw a few dollars each month into the pot, and we use it to keep bringing you fresh, inspiring content and events each month.

Do I have to take part in the live check-ins and workshops?

No, not at all. As an ALL ACCESS subscriber you can – and should – take advantage of whatever is going to help you out most to reach your individual goals.

We offer a regular program of live events a) because there are some things pre-recorded lessons and pre-made materials can’t do for you, and b) because we want to be able to get to know our community better. We’d love to see you there – and hope you’ll get a lot out of taking part – but no, absolutely nothing we offer is mandatory if it’s not directly useful to you.

Will joining ALL ACCESS launch my music career?

There are lots of reasons musicians’ careers take off: how long they’ve been at it, who they know, what kind of music they make – and yes, plenty of right-place-right-time luck.

So while signing up for ALL ACCESS is an insanely smart (and affordable) investment if you want to become a professional musician, we can’t guarantee you any specific results from it, because the music industry doesn’t work like that.

What we can guarantee you is an inspiring and empowering environment that’ll help you become the best songwriter you can be, make a ton of valuable connections and pursue your artistry among a supportive and stimulating community of artists. While that might not be a guaranteed launchpad to a professional career, it’s definitely the best and most powerful stepping stone to one.

Is the site secure? Are my credit card details safe?

Yes, our site is completely secure.

The padlock icon in your address bar shows that the site is protected by industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so any information you share with us is encrypted and can’t be read by third parties.

All subscription payments are processed by industry leaders Stripe and PayPal – two well-established payment services. They retain your payment details on our behalf so nobody at The Song Foundry has access to your credit card number or any of your personal financial information.

I still have questions. Can you help?
Sure thing. Just email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Songwriting Masterclasses - Ed Bell PhotoMeet Ed Bell: Your Course Creator and Host

Hi, I’m Ed Bell – I’m a professional songwriter and author, and an experienced and passionate songwriting educator.

I created The Song Foundry – one of the internet’s favorite songwriting resource sites – in 2014, where my articles are now read by more than 25,000 songwriters each month. I’m also the author of seven popular songwriting books – including the bestselling The Art of Songwriting.

My creative work is mostly in theatre and film where I’ve written songs for Pearl Studio (Abominable, Over the Moon) and co-wrote the Kleban Award-winning musical My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend.

I’m psyched you’ve chosen to check out our courses at The Song Foundry and hope to see you inside one of them – or the community Facebook group – soon.