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15 Songwriting Articles That Might Just Change Your Life

I’ve been creating content for The Song Foundry since 2014, so there are tons of songwriting articles on the site. If you’re new around here, thinking “The site looks really cool Ed, but where the $%&! do I start?!”, it’s OK, I feel you.

I’ve put together a list of some of the most important content for the site — my most popular articles, the articles people tell me most inspired them, and the articles I think really capture the ethos of the site.

I’ve split these articles into four categories to help you know where to start depending on what you’re looking to improve in your songwriting.

Essential Songwriting Concepts


Verse-Chorus Structure 101

My one-stop guide to the most common song form – and the Internet’s favorite article on verse-chorus structure.

Idea, Style, Hook: The Holy Trinity of Songwriting

The most important songwriting idea that nobody talks about. (That works in all genres.)

Five (Well, Eight) Ways to Write Better Lyrics

People often tell me lyric writing is a mystery to them. Well, let it be no more.

Prosody in Songwriting 101

What is Prosody? Witchcraft? Voodoo? The way you make your lyrics and melody work together? Read this article to find out.

What It Means to Be an Artist


Why I Chose Art

It upsets me when people roll their eyes at people who decide they want to be artists. Not just because I am one. Because other people’s art has changed my life too.

Stop Trying to Be the Next Someone Else. Be the First You.

Your job as an artist is to be one of a kind. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Why I Object to People Who Call Me Talented

Talent, schmalent. People get good at songwriting because they practice it a lot. No exceptions.

Embrace the Maybe

The single thing that stops most people – songwriters included – from living their best life is having to be 100% certain before they do anything. Don’t be one of them.

How to Get Started


How to Write a Song (Even If You’ve Never Written One Before and You Think You Suck)

An introduction to a reliable and completely beginner-proof process for writing great songs in any style.

107 Song Prompts for When You’re Really Stuck

107 of the best / most inspiring / most thought-provoking / most hilarious song prompts I know about.

How to Come up with 100 New Song Ideas

If you need song prompts to get started, that’s fine. But there are also hundreds of new song ideas all around you, if you know where to look for them.

To Begin, Begin

Lots of songwriting sites give you rituals or formulas to begin your next song. My ritual is just to begin.


Motivation and Inspiration


Sure, Blank Pages are Frightening. But They Don’t Have to Be.

I’ve been writing songs for more than twenty years and starting a new song is still tough. But this one simple mindset shift always makes starting from nothing easier.

There’s No Such Thing as Writer’s Block

The job description of being a writer is making up things that don’t exist. Generally, that’s a good thing. In the case of inventing writer’s block, it wasn’t.

I Am an Idiot (and So Are You)

Fun fact: in songwriting and in life, nobody really knows what they’re doing. We’re all winging it. We all do dumb things on the regular. The more we embrace that, the freer we are to create.

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