I am an idiot.

For every time I’ve known the answer, there are three when I didn’t.

For every time I’ve asked a smart question, there are four when I had to ask a dumb one.

For every time I’ve been confident in a decision I’ve made, there’s been seven when I had no idea what I was doing.

I’ve made mistakes.

I’ve made big mistakes.

I’ve told myself I’m crazy, I’m stupid, I have no right to do that, say that or ask that out on a date.

I’ve been told “No”, “Um, no”, “Hell no”, “NO, PLEASE DON’T ASK ME AGAIN”.

And yet, I’m still here.

I am an idiot, and yet I’m still here.

I am an idiot, and yet I’ve learned so much.

I am an idiot, and yet I’m weirdly cool with that.

I have a masters degree, a successful online business, an international career as a songwriter, and yet I still think I am an idiot.

I have done so much, and yet I still keep asking dumb questions and making mistakes and being told “Hell no”. Because I am an idiot. And because I always will be.

And one thing I, an idiot, have learned along the way is that the trick to true confidence isn’t knowing all the answers and doing everything right and being comfortable with your successes.

It’s being comfortable with not knowing the answers and making mistakes and having big failures once in a while.

Because in this thing called “living a life worth living” those things are going to happen, to everyone. (Because yes, you are an idiot too.)

Those things are going to happen, whether you like it or not. Whether you want them to or not. Whether you try to stop them happening or not.

So you could invest all of your time and energy into trying not to look like an idiot. But, honestly, it’s not a great use of your time and resources.

Much better – at least, if you ask me – is investing your time and energy into being comfortable being an idiot. Being comfortable being wrong, stupid, annoyed, upset, broken, embarrassed, whatever.

Idiocy is underrated. It’s where creativity begins. It’s where true connection begins. And it’s where living your best life and not getting hung up on the minute details of other people’s opinions begins.

So join me. Embrace your inner idiot. Wear your idiocy on your sleeve. Shout “I am an idiot and I approve this message!”

Be ready to try, fail, annoy, learn, laugh, screw up, have fun and create amazing things.

Because that’s where the #idiotlife leads. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.