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Songwriting is a skill you learn, not a talent you have.

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Ed Bell - Songwriting Coaching, Songwriting Lessons, The Song Foundry

Hi – I’m Ed Bell. I’ve been teaching music for over a decade and coaching songwriters one-to-one at The Song Foundry since 2015.

As a professional songwriter I’ve written songs for Oriental DreamWorks, edited music for ITV and worked on dozens of creative projects around the world from LA to Philadelphia to London to Shanghai.

I’m also an experienced songwriting educator, the author of seven popular songwriting books – including the bestselling The Art of Songwriting – and help tens of thousands of songwriters a month write smarter and faster via my articles and videos on The Song Foundry site.

Some people think songwriting is a magic, mysterious process you’re either good at or you’re not, but the truth is much more exciting than that: it’s a process you learn, with practice and with guidance.

In my 10+ years of teaching music I’ve picked up tons of proven tips and techniques that will help you write your best songs as quickly and painlessly as possible.

And from 15+ years of being a songwriter I understand how important it is for you to keep and explore your own unique songwriting sound and style, so I coach in a very open-ended way which makes sure you stay authentic and true to the kind of music you want to create.

Whatever your experience and whatever your goals, coaching is all about helping you refine your creative process, understand more about how songs work and making you the best and most confident songwriter you can be.

If you’re a beginner, that means working through your first few songs with you step by step so you can master the basics and build some confidence. If you’re an intermediate songwriter it means focusing on the skills and projects you need to work on to level up. And if you’re an experienced songwriter it means giving you the pro feedback, encouragement and motivation to keep you writing at your absolute best.

I work with writers of all ages and at all experience levels, plus writers who want to pursue careers in music or just write for their own enjoyment. So wherever you’re at, if you’re interested in levelling up I’d love to help you reach your goals.

Just click the button below to register for your 100% free, no obligation consultation and I’ll get back to you usually with two working days.

I had a great coaching session with Ed a few weeks ago. As I’m still pretty new to songwriting we didn’t have a huge amount of material to work with, but I found his advice helpful and informative. I’d definitely recommend the service to those who are looking for a different perspective on their writing.”

Milly, New York, USA

“I started using the one-on-one coaching sessions at The Song Foundry in March 2021.
I found the sessions honest, helpful and full of constructive critique on drafts of lyrics I had written. Ed gave me the confidence to trust in my writing abilities. We worked together using the step by step process of song structure, to write lyrics from a song idea I had.
I highly recommend The Song Foundry to all budding songwriters.”

Debby, Ireland

Ed’s advice on our songs was so thoughtful, and really creative. His musical knowledge really shows, suggesting simple changes that brought parts of the song to life, that we’d never thought of in years of playing them.”

“It was really fun to have Ed’s notes to work from, and I know the songs will be so much better for it the next time we perform them. I’m really grateful for the wise and inspiring feedback that Ed gave us – I will be back for more!”

Rachel, UK

This is in the top 3 of all books I have ever read on songwriting and I keep going back to it. Probably the clearest book there is on the subject, with one invaluable tip after another. Must read!”

Peter, London, review of The Art of Songwriting

Pricing starts at just $45 per session

What You’ll Get From Coaching

New Ideas

You’ll improve your understanding of melody, lyrics, harmony, structure so you can write smarter, better and faster.

More Creativity

Creativity is a skill that you learn. You’ll learn how to burst through the common creative blocks and master the creative process on your own terms.

More Confidence

You’ll get detailed and constructive feedback on your songs and feel more and more confident about following your own creative path.

Learn from the Masters

We’ll take apart some of the greatest songs of all time, so you can learn their secrets and use them in your own songs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is songwriting coaching? Is that a thing?

Absolutely. It’s just like taking guitar or singing lessons, except you get one-to-one help writing your best songs and uncovering your unique creative voice.

You can find out tons more about my philosophy of coaching in this article.

Can't I just take a video course?

Of course – I have a handful of songwriting video courses you’ll probably get a lot out of.

Books and courses are a convenient and affordable way of getting started as a songwriter. But if you really want to take your skills to the next level, one-to-one coaching really comes in to its own because you can get personalized feedback that’s unique to you and your goals, get answers to your questions and receive the exact support and advice you need to make the quickest progress.

So if you’re not sure at this stage, signing up for one or more of our courses might be a great first step. But when you’re ready to make some serious progress as a songwriter, one-to-one coaching is definitely a worthwhile way forward.

Can I really work in any style or genre? What if I only want to write music or lyrics, not both?

Because my professional background is in theatre and film, I work regularly in tons of different genres and can help you in virtual any style you want to improve in.

You can focus on writing just music or lyrics if you like – we’ll concentrate on whatever area you want to improve in, and we can also discuss ways to reach out to other writers or producers for co-writes.

Do I have to play an instrument or sing?

Songwriters come from lots of different backgrounds so there’s no required experience.

If you want to write music, you’ll benefit from having some experience as a musician or with a Digital Audio Workstation such as Pro Tools or Cubase. But if you want to work on lyric writing, we can get started even if you’re a total beginner.

What do we do in the sessions?

Sometimes we’ll spend the session analyzing a song or song lyric to figure out what makes it tick, but generally we’ll spend the session talking about what you’re working on, what to work on next and how you can improve as a songwriter.

How do sessions work?

I coach via Zoom or Skype, so you can work with me wherever you are in the world. Sessions are 45 minutes and you can sign up in packages of 1, 3 or 6 sessions depending on your goals.

People typically schedule sessions once or twice a month, but you can of course schedule them more or less frequently than that.

Do I still own the copyright to my songs?

100%. You own the copyright to everything you write. Any ideas or suggestions I give you in your sessions are yours to use or not as you like. I won’t ever ask for any royalty or credit in future, whatever you do with the songs we work on.

Do you offer any scholarships or discounts?

I often offer discounts to new clients on their first package – be sure to ask about these in your free consultation – but unfortunately I don’t offer any permanent discounts or scholarships.

If you’re looking for songwriting guidance and inspiration that’s less of a cost commitment, you’ll probably enjoy one or more of my songwriting courses.

Still have questions?

Just send an email to coaching [at] thesongfoundry [dot] com or use the form on this page.

Songwriting Coaching Pricing

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About Ed

Ed Bell, Songwriting Coaching

I’m Ed Bell and I’m a songwriter, educator and entrepreneur.

My creative work is mostly in theatre in film, where I’ve worked regionally and off-Broadway in the US, off-West End in the UK and around the world on dozens of different creative projects. I’ve written songs for Oriental DreamWorks (now Pearl Studio) in Shanghai, music directed shows to packed-out houses in LA, and edited music for ITV in London.

I’m the author of the seven popular songwriting books, including the bestseller The Art of Songwriting, and I’ve written articles for Songwriting Magazine, Making Music Magazine and Musical U. I’ve taught songwriting at institutions including The Royal College of Music, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

I’ve been helping songwriters reach their goals through 1-to-1 sessions at The Song Foundry since 2015.

Ready to take your skills to the next level?

Get started with a free, no obligation consultation.

Ed has a talent to explain things in an engaging and fun way. You can feel his passion for teaching throughout his work, which is a great resource to help you reach your full potential as a songwriter.


I really like Ed’s inviting style, personality and practical songwriting info which covers both the musical side and how you can wrangle yourself into actually showing up to do the work.