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Content created by us, The Song Foundry, Inc., and published on our website or elsewhere, is offered on an ‘as is’ basis, without warranty of any kind. While we do our best to offer support and advice that will help you develop as a songwriter, please use your judgement and common sense in acting on anything we post. We cannot take any responsibility under any circumstances for anything you do after engaging with our content. You accept full responsibility for the decisions you make and the consequences of those decisions. You use our website knowing that you are solely responsible for achieving your personal, creative and professional goals.

We include on our site suggestions of alternative sources of information or inspiration (such as websites, books, CDs, DVDs or other materials) that may be of interest or value to you. This does not constitute an endorsement by The Song Foundry of any kind. Again, it’s up to you to use your common sense consulting these materials: it is your responsibility to use them as you see appropriate. The Song Foundry cannot be held liable for the content of these resources, nor the consequences of you consulting them.

Personal, emotional and social wellbeing are important to the success of any creative artist. Whenever we offer advice concerning lifestyle or health choices you expressly understand that this does not constitute any form of legal, medical, clinical or psychological service, nor are we licensed to offer such a service.


Intellectual Property

The vast majority of content on the site, including all of the written content except where noted, is the intellectual property of The Song Foundry, Inc. according to the copyright notice in the footer of each page. The Song Foundry reserves the right at all times to determine how content on the site may be used.

Specifically, site visitors must not reproduce, with or without edits or changes, any of the site content elsewhere (including on other websites, in magazines, in digital or physical books, or in any other media format) without prior written permission from The Song Foundry.

The above not withstanding, short extracts of the content on the site may be reproduced elsewhere for the purposes of commentary, criticism or education, provided clear credit is given to The Song Foundry and the specific author(s) of that content where applicable.

Certain handouts and other downloadable content on the site may however include their own copyright notice which allows the reuse or repurposing of that content in educational or professional settings. Where these individual copyright notices conflict with the information on this page, the terms in the individual notices supersede the general terms on this page.

Copyright infringement is a serious issue and The Song Foundry reserves the right to pursue legal action against any individual or organization that infringes upon its intellectual property.



The Song Foundry may update, amend or remove its content on a regular basis and is under no obligation to list any corrections or amendments made.



The Song Foundry has a strict Comment Policy but cannot be held liable whenever users of our site do not adhere to this policy and post inappropriate or offensive content (except where such users are hired, engaged or otherwise explicitly endorsed by us). We cannot guarantee the accuracy, validity, integrity, honesty, or good manners of comments posted by our community.

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FTC Disclosures

The Song Foundry only ever recommends products or services when we think they’ll be of value to our community. We never promote products or services in our content exclusively for financial gain, or endorse such products or services under the direction of any third party.

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