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I’m a songwriter, author and entrepreneur.

I’ve written songs for Oriental DreamWorks, wrote the bestselling book The Art of Songwriting, and worked on more than a hundred different creative projects around the world.

I also created a site called The Song Foundry.

It’s not a tips and tricks site. It’s not a music industry site.

It’s a site for songwriters who are serious about taking their skills to the next level – whether they’re on their first song or their thousandth.

If that’s you – welcome. I’m glad you found us.


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Latest Articles

No, I Can’t Make You Famous

There are lots of ways I can help you as a songwriter. But no, I don’t have some single secret to making you famous. And neither does anyone else.

How to Write a Song (Even If You’ve Never Written One Before and You Think You Suck)

The Internet’s most comprehensive – and beginner-proof – guide to how to write a song. Even if you’ve never written one before.

How to Livestream Your Own Concerts and Events

If you’re thinking about livestreaming your own concert or event, you’ll need some technology, some chutzpah, and this article.

How to Stay Creative in the Age of Coronavirus

It’s a really weird time to be alive. But here’s how you can stay creative while you’re at home – even if you’re not as productive as normal.

The Six Best DAWs for Songwriters

Whether you write pop, hip-hop, acoustic or EDM, if you want to produce, record and release music you’ll need a DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation. Here’s our quick roundup of all the big names in home-studio music production.

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