The Song Foundry is your one-stop shop for great songwriting ideas, tools and inspiration. I started the site way back in 2014 because I think songwriting is awesome, I think music education is important, and because I think everyone, everywhere should have access to the tools they need to get ahead as a songwriter.

Since then, the site has grown from a humble personal blog to one of the internet’s leading resource sites for songwriters. But unlike a lot of songwriting sites, The Song Foundry isn’t about what’s hot right now or about promising you easy access to the music industry: it’s about giving you the fundamental songwriting skills that apply to every genre, whether you’re a complete beginner or already have plenty of songs under your belt.

I write regular articles about songwriting, created a unique video series called On Songwriting, wrote a book called The Art of Songwriting, and coach songwriters one-to-one around the world. There’s also a ton of new stuff coming, including a monthly live masterclass series.

If you’re new here, the best place to start is on the Best Articles page. You should also sign up for your free welcome pack of great resources – including my free eBook The Only Piece of Songwriting Advice You Really Need.

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Ed Bell

Hello. I’m Ed Bell and I’m a songwriter, educator and entrepreneur. I’m a mix of old-school values and new-school ideas. I’ve worked on creative projects around the world in cities including London, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Shanghai and Edinburgh.

Most of my professional work is in theatre and film, where I’ve written shows that ran at The Merrimack Repertory Theatre in Massachusetts, The Britten Theatre in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I was also an Artist-in-Residence at Oriental DreamWorks (now Pearl Studio) in Shanghai in June 2017.

I was born in the UK, lived in London 2010–13, then New York City 2013–16. These days I sort of live all over. I created The Song Foundry in 2014 and published my first book, The Art of Songwriting in Summer 2017. (People keep saying nice things about it, which is kind of cool.)

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