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We launched the first version of the site in 2014, and now have more than 30,000 songwriters visiting the site each month. And while the site and its readership keeps growing, our mission has never changed: to find new ways to share great songwriting ideas with the world, and help our community hone their creativity and write their best songs yet.

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About Ed

Hi. I’m Ed Bell and I’m a songwriter, author, educator and entrepreneur.

Most of my professional work is in theatre and film, where I’ve written shows that ran at Arizona Theatre Company, The Merrimack Repertory Theatre, The Britten Theatre and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I was also previously an Artist-in-Residence at Oriental DreamWorks (now Pearl Studio) in Shanghai. I’ve worked on creative projects around the world in cities including London, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Leeds.

I created The Song Foundry in 2014 and finished my first book, The Art of Songwriting, in July 2017 which is now a bestseller. Since then, I’ve written six other popular songwriting books, including a series of 30-Day Songwriting Challenges and  How to Write a Song (Even If You’ve Never Written One Before and You Think You Suck), and launched a unique series of self-study songwriting courses.

Thanks for checking out The Song Foundry site. I hope you’ll like it here.