International Coaching Prices

At The Song Foundry I work with writers across the globe but set my base coaching rates in US dollars.

I can now take payments in British Pounds, Euros and Australian Dollars. Click the third tab for more information or to pay.

For other currencies, most banks will allow you to make international currency payments (though please check as this may incur additional fees). If you pay with PayPal, you’ll be given the opportunity to pay in your local currency at checkout.

Check out the second tab for a guide to what our coaching rates look like in other currencies.

Here’s a rough guide to what our coaching rates look like in other currencies:


Single Session

Three Sessions

Six Sessions

Cost Per Session (US$)

$60 $50 $45
Australia (AUD)
$85 $70 $64
Canada (CAD)
$80 $67 $60
China (CNY)
¥400 ¥340 ¥300
European Union (EUR)
€50 €44 €37
Japan (JPY)
¥6500 ¥5200 ¥4500
New Zealand (NZD)
$90 $75 $65
Singapore (SGD)
$79 $68 $60
South Africa (ZAR)
R850 R700 R620
United Kingdom (GBP)
£50 £40 £36


International prices are approximate and for guidance only. Actual charge is determined by your bank when you purchase your sessions. These rates calculated in January 2019.

You can now pay for sessions in British Pounds, Euros or Australian Dollars via PayPal.

Three things to note before you go ahead:

  1. These payments are not synced up to our automatic scheduling system. That means once you’ve paid you’ll get a PayPal receipt immediately but won’t be able to book your sessions until we can generate a package code and email it to you. Usually, this takes no longer than two business days but can take up to five business days. Feel free to let us know if you want confirmation before purchasing.
  2. If you are desperate to receive your package code and book your session immediately, you can pay in US dollars using the main system.
  3. These international prices are fixed longer-term and so may not be identical to the international prices we quote for comparison in the previous tab.

If you have any questions about international payments or are having trouble making a payment, feel free to get in touch.

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