How Chord Progressions Work

Harmony 101 for Songwriters

Write Great Chord Progressions with Ease

 In this course you’ll quickly master the fundamentals of musical harmony and use them to write your own fresh progressions, song after song – you’ll never need to rely on chord cheatsheets or MIDI packs again.

How Chord Progressions Work is the ideal introductory course to musical harmony, covering everything from how to build chords from scales to how to combine chords easily and confidently into great-sounding progressions.

In over three hours of HD video content, you’ll understand the art and science of musical harmony in a new light – without any unnecessary or overcomplicated music theory – and be ready to use your new skills to start creating progressions with ease.

Over 3 hrs of Video Modules

26-page Course Pack

Beginner–Intermediate Level

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What You’ll Get From This Course

✓  A full understanding of how keys, scales and chords – the foundations of musical harmony – are built.

✓  An understanding of ‘functional’ harmony, to help you know how to use each chord.

✓  A host of practical tips, tools and advice for building chord progressions in any songwriting genre.

✓  The confidence to try out different chord combinations and discover new progressions you love.

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• Lifetime access to all video modules and PDF course materials

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Course Modules

[INTRO] Course Introduction (7 mins)

• How This Course Works

[1] Keys, Scales and Triads 101 (36 mins)

• Building Scales
• Building Triads
• Types of Triad

[2] Chord Functions 101 (44 mins)

• Chord Functions and Functional Notation
• The Primary Triads
• The Secondary Triads

[3] Harmonic Building Blocks: Cadences and the Cycle of Fifths (39 mins)

• Cadences
• The Cycle of Fifths

[4] Building Chord Progressions (47 mins)

• 4-, 8- and 16-Bar Progressions
• How to Build and Use Effective Chord Progressions

[OUTRO] Next Steps and Other Resources (12 mins)

• Ways to Practice Working with Chords and Progressions
• Other Resources

3 hrs 5 mins Total Video
plus 26-Page Course Pack

Course Preview

Some prior music theory knowledge is helpful for this course but definitely isn’t necessary.


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Ed Bell - Songwriting Coaching, Songwriting Lessons, The Song Foundry

Meet Ed, Your Course Creator and Host

This course is hosted by Ed Bell, the creator of The Song Foundry and one of the internet’s favorite songwriting educators.

Ed is a songwriter, author and entrepreneur. He’s the author of seven popular songwriting books including The Art of Songwriting and How to Write a Song (Even If You’ve Never Written One Before and You Think You Suck). He has over a decade of experience teaching songwriting, creativity and music composition.

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