How to Write a Song

A Powerful 10-Step Process

The Definitive ‘How to’ Course for Songwriters

• A powerful step-by-step process that shows you how to go from initial idea to finished song
• Packed with powerful and versatile songwriting techniques that work in every style
• Write better lyrics, melodies, chord progressions, instrumental grooves and more
• Ideal for beginners and more advanced writers alike
• More than 12 hours of video modules and live demonstrations, plus comprehensive PDF course pack

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Over 12 hrs of Video Modules

54-page Course Pack

Beginner–Intermediate Level

I’m loving the course so far! It’s awesome and I’m learning so much! You are an excellent teacher.

RYan, Course Subscriber

This course is great for the value. It’s worth every penny and should actually cost way more than it does. Ed is a fantastic instructor.

Alejandra, Course Subscriber

If you’ve ever tried writing a song and got stuck, if you’ve ever tried writing a song and gave up – or if you’ve never tried writing a song because you had no idea where to start:

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

How to Write a Song is the most detailed and comprehensive songwriting ‘how to’ course on the Internet – showing you how to write your best songs yet, starting from just an initial song idea.

The course covers every essential skill you need to write great songs, including how to find great song ideas, how to choose a great title, how to generate lyrics quickly and reliably, how to write irresistible melodies, how to write fresh chord progressions and much, much more.

Split into ten easy-to-follow and beginner-proof steps, the course doesn’t just explain the process, but shows you exactly how to use it, step by step, to build your own original songs in any genre or style.

The perfect antidote to writers block, this course will give you an arsenal of powerful songwriting techniques and ideas and help you understand what makes a great song work – and why – so you can upgrade and streamline your creative process, whatever level of experience you’re at.

And best of all – right now you can get lifetime access to all 12+ hours of this course for only $37. You can pick up tons of game-changing techniques and knowledge that’ll last a lifetime for a fraction of what you spent on your last guitar, mic or production software upgrade.

So when you’re ready to level up your songwriting skills for good, just hit the button below and get ready to write your best songs yet.

Only $77 $37

Single payment – Lifetime access

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The “How to Write a Song” course helped me understand how to use the concepts from the book in a practical way, and I especially liked the demonstrations where Ed completes each step of the songwriting process. Using this organized process can really help if you have not written a song before or if you have trouble finishing your songs.

Michelle, Course Subscriber

I wrote a song by following the process laid out clearly and concisely in Ed’s latest book “How to Write a Song” and it turned out wonderfully well. Ed has a talent to explain things in an engaging and fun way. You can feel his passion for teaching throughout his work, which is a great ressource to help you reach your full potential as a songwriter.

Nico, Review of 'How to Write a Song' Book

What You’ll Get From This Course

✓  A powerful and easy-to-follow songwriting process you can rely on for writing original songs in any genre or style

✓  A greater understanding of how the different elements work together in a great song

✓  Tons of useful and practical advice for writing and finishing original songs

✓  The confidence and skills to get past common creative hurdles and blocks

All Courses Include:

• Lifetime access to all video modules and PDF course materials

• A free account to access all of your courses in one convenient area of our site


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To get the most out of this course, you’ll just need to have some basic experience on an instrument like piano or guitar – knowing how to play a few chords is plenty – or know your way round a DAW like Logic, GarageBand, FL Studio, Cubase or Ableton.

Questions? Want to know more?

Check out the Course FAQs

Course Modules

[INTRO] Course Introduction (15 mins)

• What Is This Course?
• How This Course Works
• How to Get the Most Out of This Course

[1] Find a Great Song Idea (12 mins)

• Idea Is Everything
• How to Find a Great Song Idea

LIVE DEMO Find a Great Song Idea (16 mins)

[2] Choose a Lyrical Hook (or Title) (11 mins)

• How Lyrical Hooks Work

LIVE DEMO Choose a Lyrical Hook (or Title) (12 mins)

[3] Write the Chorus Lyric (18 mins)

• Place Your Lyrical Hook
• Write the Rest of Your Chorus Lyric

LIVE DEMO Write the Chorus Lyric (20 mins)

[4A] Choose a Tempo, Key and Time Signature (18 mins)

• Choose a Key
• Choose a Time Signature
• Choose a Tempo

LIVE DEMO Choose a Tempo, Key and Time Signature (3 mins)

[4B] Write the Chorus Chord Progression (29 mins)

• Keys and Triads: The Fundamentals
• Figure Out Your Song’s Chord Palette
• Write Your Chorus Chord Progression

LIVE DEMO Write the Chorus Chord Progression (9 mins)

[4C] Write the Chorus Melody (33 mins)

• Make a Rhythmic Sketch
• Write Your Chorus Melody

LIVE DEMO Write the Chorus Melody (58 mins)

[4D] Write the Chorus Groove (22 mins)

• Write Your Chorus Groove
• Expand Out Your Chorus Groove

LIVE DEMO Write the Chorus Groove (18 mins)

[5] Write the Verse Chords and Groove (16 mins)

• Your Song’s Overall Structure
• Write Your Verse Chord Progression
• Write Your Verse Groove

LIVE DEMO Write the Verse Chords and Groove (19 mins)

[6] Write the First Verse Lyric (33 mins)

• Create a First Verse Masterplan
• Generating Lyric Ideas
• Write the First Verse Lyric

LIVE DEMO Write the First Verse Lyric (1 hr 16 mins)

[7] Write the Verse Melody (28 mins)

• Write the Verse Melody
• Create a Verse Build

LIVE DEMO Write the Verse Melody (34 mins)

[8] Write the Second Verse Lyric (20 mins)

• Write the Second Verse Lyric
• Start Putting Your Song Together

LIVE DEMO Write the Second Verse Lyric (1 hr 6 mins)

[9] Add a Bridge (23 mins)

• Writing a ‘Standard’ Vocal Bridge
• Writing an Instrumental Bridge
• When Not to Include a Bridge

LIVE DEMO Add a Bridge (1 hr 2 mins)

[10] Add an Intro and Outro (20 mins)

• Add an Intro
• Add an Outro

LIVE DEMO Add an Intro and Outro (17 mins)

[OUTRO] Next Steps and Other Resources (14 mins)

• Great Next Steps
• Other Useful Resources

[BONUS MODULE] The Full ‘Tongue-Tied’ Demo (5 mins)

12 hrs 7 mins Total Video
plus 54-Page Course Pack

Meet Ed, Your Course Creator and Host

Ed Bell - Songwriting Coaching, Songwriting Lessons, The Song Foundry

This course is hosted by Ed Bell, the creator of The Song Foundry and one of the internet’s favorite songwriting educators.

Ed is a songwriter, author and entrepreneur. He’s the author of seven popular songwriting books including The Art of Songwriting and How to Write a Song (Even If You’ve Never Written One Before and You Think You Suck). He has over a decade of experience teaching songwriting, creativity and music composition.

Ed isn’t a world-famous songwriter or a Grammy winner, but he is an experienced and inspiring music educator whose superpower is helping songwriters level up their skills in a fun and engaging way.

Course FAQs

So the course is genuinely beginner-proof?

Yep – that’s right. You literally just need to know a few chords on an instrument or your way round a DAW to get started.

You’ll obviously get slightly different things from the course depending on where you’re at as a songwriter, but that’s the minimum you need to work through it.

Like virtually everything here on The Song Foundry site, we created this course for writers at different levels – so you can bring whatever level of experience and whatever personal tastes you have, and use them to create your best songs yet.

I’m definitely not a beginner. Is this course for me too?

Yes – absolutely. The course is designed to be beginner-proof but it’s not just for beginners. If you’re a more experienced songwriter who’s looking for a way to improve and streamline your writing process, there’s tons of ideas and techniques inside you’ll love.

How is this course different from some of your other resources?

The simple answer is that 1) our courses are much more in-depth than any of the site articles or videos, and 2) our courses save you searching for the right information you need by putting it all in one convenient place.

The courses also expand on the information in Ed’s books – including How to Write a Song (Even If You’ve Never Written One Before and You Think You Suck), which this course is based on – by including much more practical advice and applications, plus live demonstrations and examples.

The courses are also a more substantial and comprehensive learning experience – you get video, audio and written materials all in one place.

I’m not in the US. Can I pay with another currency?

Yes – just checkout with PayPal and you’ll have the option to pay in your local currency (with no additional bank fees).

How do I access the course materials?

When you sign up, you get immediate access to all of the course materials via our site. You’ll register with your email address and choose a password and that’ll give you on-demand access to the courses area of the site.

That means you can access the course materials on any device – like a computer, tablet or phone – that can access the internet.

Is my information safe? What if I sign up and regret it?

Yes, your information is safe. The padlock in your address bar shows the site is secured by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which means your personal information is encrypted when you use the site.

Additionally, all payments are processed by PayPal and Stripe – two of the longest-established and most-trusted payment providers out there. That means we have access to NONE of your private financial information, like your credit card details or bank information.

If you sign up, you’re also covered by our 30-day Moneyback Guarantee. Either you love the course materials, or you get a full refund – it’s that simple. If you enroll and the course isn’t for you, just send us an email via one of the easy links inside the courses area and we’ll refund you in full, usually within 24 hours.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. Can you help?

Sure thing – we’d love to hear from you. Just shoot an email to

You can also check out the general course FAQs here.

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