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How to Write Lyrics is the ultimate course on how to write great-sounding song lyrics that capture people’s attention and leave a lasting impact on your audience, time after time.

Through seven modules, more than five hours of HD video lessons and a 32-page course booklet, you’ll learn the art of developing and refining your lyric ideas into catchy, well-structured lyrics – whatever style of songs you want to write.

The course covers essential topics including using rhyme, structuring a lyric, writing singable lyrics and prosody – the art of fitting lyrics seamlessly to a melody. Each module is packed with invaluable ideas and techniques, as well as real-life applications for using these techniques in the songs you want to write.

Over 5½ hrs of Video Modules

32-page Course Pack

Beginner–Intermediate Level

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What You’ll Get From This Course

✓  A deeper understanding of how lyrics work, and how you can harness those ideas in the songs you write.

✓  An arsenal of effective, real-life lyric writing strategies that’ll help you write polished, effective lyrics in any genre.

✓  The confidence to express yourself and develop your song ideas with style.

✓  The courage and knowhow to finish new lyric projects, time after time.

All Courses Include:

• Lifetime access to all video modules and PDF course materials

• A free account to access all of your courses in one convenient area of our site


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Course Modules

[INTRO] Course Introduction (6 mins)

• How This Course Works

[1] The Hallmarks of a Great Lyric (38 mins)

• Keep It Simple
• Use Specifics
• Keep It Conversational
• Show as Well as Tell
• Be Smart With Structure

[2] Key Lyric Writing Strategies (39 mins)

• Brainstorming – Collating Words, Phrases and Ideas
• Rough Drafts and Free Writing
• Rewriting

[3] Song Ideas and Lyrical Hooks (50 mins)

• Idea Is Everything
• Where to Find Great Song Ideas
• Lyrical Hooks
• Using Lyrical Hooks

[4] Rhyme and Rhyme Schemes (31 mins)

• What Rhyme Is
• Types of Rhyme
• Rhyme Schemes
• Using Rhyme in Practice

[5] Prosody for Lyricists (41 mins)

• The Principles of Good Prosody
• Creating Good Prosody in Practice
• How to Write Lyrics to an Existing Melody

[6] Writing Singable Lyrics (16 mins)

• Singable Vowels
• Singable Consonants

[7] Advanced Techniques (35 mins)

• Simile and Metaphor
• Assonance
• Alliteration (Consonance)
• Anaphora
• Parallel Phrasing
• Exact Repetitions

[OUTRO] Outro and Other Resources (13 mins)

• Ways to Stretch Your Lyric Writing Brain
• Other Useful Lyric Writing Resources

[BONUS MODULE] Lyric Analysis: 'Done for Me' (Charlie Puth feat. Kehlani) (1 hr 8 mins)

• How to Do Your Own Analysis
• The Analysis

5 hrs 37 mins Total Video
plus 32-Page Course Pack

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No prior experience is necessary to get the most out of this course.


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