My country isn’t listed when I try to enter my billing address. Why is that?

The Song Foundry has always been about making quality songwriting resources accessible to songwriters all around the world. But we also have to follow the laws of each individual country or territory where our site visitors are based.

Unfortunately, that means we’re not able to offer access to our courses to people who live in certain countries and territories. (We know, it sucks.) In short, your government has tax rules that are too complicated or time-consuming for us to comply with, so we can’t legally sell you anything.

If you own a credit card or PayPal account that’s registered in another country, you may be able to sign up that way. Otherwise, your best bet is to make use of the free articles and videos on the site, or check out one of Ed’s books.

Tax laws do change, so it’s worth checking back to see if you’re able to sign up in future.