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Classes for Songwriters from Beginner to Pro

• Technique Masterclasses – Dive into essential songwriting techniques and learn how to write better lyrics, melodies, chord progressions and much, much more.

• Creative Skills Classes – Learn how to collaborate better, how to be more creative and how to build your own career as an artist.

• Song Analysis Sessions – Learn real-life songwriting techniques as we break down some of the most successful songs of all time to figure out what makes them work.

• Live Q&As – Get answers to all of your questions about songwriting, creativity and finding an audience for your songs.

…plus regular Guest Speaker Sessions with some of the best and most inspiring artists, musicians and music educators around.

Classes usually last around an hour

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Masterclasses are usually streamed on Saturdays at 12.30pm ET 

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Q&As are usually streamed on Thursdays at 2pm ET

(11am PT | 7pm UK | 8pm Central Europe)


All classes and Q&As are available in the members area archive shortly after streaming.

Upcoming Classes


» Song Analysis – Shawn Mendes: ‘Stitches’

» Chord Progressions 101 

» How to Write Better Lyrics: Key Strategies

» Creative Habits: How to Write Your Best Songs

» The Artist–CEO: Music Business 101 for Independent Musicians

» How to Write Songs for Piano and Keyboard

» Song Analysis – The Weeknd: ‘In Your Eyes’

Common Questions

Who is the members area for?

Our members community is a diverse community of songwriters – it’s for writers who write for fun, it’s for writers who want to make a living from their songs, it’s for people who are completely new to songwriting. We host a mixed program of classes so the members area genuinely has something for everyone.

If you like the free content on The Song Foundry site, you’ll love the much more detailed and in-depth content in the members area. 

Are beginner writers welcome?

Absolutely! The classes and Q&As are designed to be accessible to songwriters at all levels of experience – and with our series of regular ‘Songwriting 101’ classes, even complete beginner writers will find plenty of content to get them inspired.

What does it cost? How long do I have to commit?

You can subscribe to the members area on either a monthly or yearly basis.

A month’s access is about the price of a single gig – for at least three live events plus all the other member benefits. And a year’s access costs at least $35,000 less than a year’s tuition at Berklee College of Music (seriously), so we think that’s a really great deal too.

Everything you contribute goes to helping us maintain the site, pay our contributors for their time and bring you fresh, top-quality content every month.

You can be a site member for as much time as you want – you can end your subscription at any time. Find out more about subscription options here.

Why can't you just post all of the classes on YouTube?

YouTube is a great platform for entertainment and education – but making content sustainably on YouTube usually means making videos that are for a mass audience and usually no more than 15 minutes long. The kind of high-quality educational content that’s really going to help you grow as a songwriter just isn’t viable on the YouTube platform, so here at The Song Foundry we created our own platform instead. 

This model also comes with some other great benefits:

First, it means there are ZERO ads or sponsored videos in the members area – just the top-quality content that’ll transform your songwriting skills and inspire you to create your best songs yet.

And second, it makes sure everyone in our members area is serious about their songwriting. (Have you ever tried finding decent co-writers in the YouTube comments?) This is a really important part of building a community of dedicated and inspiring songwriters in our members’ Facebook group and in the live classes.

Can I subscribe in a currency that isn't US dollars?

Yes – absolutely.

We set our rates in US dollars because it’s usually considered the main global currency, but if you choose the ‘Checkout using PayPal’ option when you subscribe, you can choose to pay in your local currency.

PayPal takes care of the currency conversion automatically, which means no bank or card fees for you. Please be aware that the actual amount you’re charged each billing cycle will change slightly depending on the current exchange rate.

Is there a scholarship or financial aid program?

We’ve made our subscription rates as affordable as possible so they’re accessible to a wide range of writers.

That said, we’re also committed to making sure that everyone who’s serious about levelling up their songwriting skills can join our community, whatever their circumstances or background.

We have a limited number of scholarships aimed at writers who are under 21, full-time students or in less developed countries who wouldn’t be able to subscribe without assistance. To find out more, contact us on

Is the members area like a songwriting video course?

Yes – but it’s even better.

The masterclasses cover every major topic included in any songwriting video course, but as a site member you also get access to the live Q&As to get solutions to your individual problems AND you become part of a global community of songwriters, wherever you’re based.

Plus, because you’re free to access the past masterclasses however you like, you can focus on the classes you most want to learn from, instead of sitting through a predetermined program.

Our members community are also able to suggest new class topics or ideas – so we’re always adding new classes to help our members learn what they want to know.

Do I need to sing or play an instrument?

If you want to write music, it helps to have at least some basic experience on an instrument or at least basic fluency in a Digital Audio Workstation like GarageBand, Logic or Ableton. But if your focus is on writing lyrics, if you’re happy to collaborate with other writers to finish songs then no musical experience is necessary. 

Whether you write music or lyrics, there’s also no need to be able to read music (though it definitely helps). Some of the classes feature songs or examples written in music notation but you’ll benefit plenty from these classes even if you write or play music by ear.

Is the members area for professional musicians?

Yes – we host a range of classes at different levels.

And while we don’t often hold classes about breaking into the traditional music industry, we do have regular classes about making it in the new music industry – releasing your own music, building your own brand and how to make a living as an independent musician.

Will the classes help me 'make it' in the music industry?

Yes and no.

We don’t have a silver bullet to get you an easy career in the music industry – and neither does anyone else, no matter what they tell you.

But if you want to improve your songwriting skills and make connections that will last a lifetime – and could take you anywhere as a songwriter – becoming a site member is an insanely smart investment in your career.

Is the site secure? Are my credit card details safe?

Yes, our site is completely secure.

The padlock icon in your address bar shows that the site is protected by industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so any information you share with us is encrypted and can’t be read by third parties.

All subscription payments are processed by industry leaders Stripe and PayPal – two well-established payment services. They retain your payment details on our behalf so nobody at The Song Foundry has access to your credit card number or any of your personal financial information.

I still have questions. Can you help?

Sure thing. Just email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Songwriting Masterclasses - Ed Bell PhotoAbout Ed, Your Host

Ed Bell is a songwriter, author and one of the internet’s favorite songwriting educators.

He created The Song Foundry in 2014, where his articles are now read by more than 25,000 songwriters a month. He is the author of seven popular songwriting books – including the bestselling The Art of Songwriting.

Ed’s creative work is mostly in theatre and film where he’s written songs for Pearl Studio (Abominable, Over the Moon) and co-wrote the Kleban Award-winning musical My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend.

Ed has been hosting The Song Foundry’s live masterclass series since January 2021.