Song Critique Service

Get personalized, professional feedback on your songs

What It Is

Receiving a Song Critique is a great way to get feedback on your songs or make sure your songs are at their absolute best before you submit for a competition or spend hundreds or thousands of dollars recording it.

You’ll get detailed and personalized feedback on your songs, designed to help you achieve your specific goals and improve your writing skills in general.

You’ll have the opportunity to get feedback on any specific area you’re particularly interested in, otherwise you’ll receive feedback on whatever parts of the song seem most important.


How It Works

1) Sign up for as many song critiques as you want via this page. (Payment is secured via PayPal.)

2) Once your payment clears, you’ll get the link to submit your materials within 48 hours. You’ll also get chance to tell me a bit about your songs, and any areas you’re specifically looking for feedback on.

3) I spend some quality time reviewing your submission, then write a personalized, 300-word report for each song.

4) You receive your professional, personalized report in your inbox within seven working days.

Ed – thanks so much for the thoughtful, insightful critique. We were so thrilled that you thought the songs were working – that means a lot to us – and your notes are great. Really smart, insightful and helpful. Just wanted to say thanks so much.

Steven, Chicago

Ed has a gift for giving feedback in an encouraging way. On top of emphasizing my strengths, Ed showed me two specific areas that I could still improve upon and how to go about it. He also was happy to answer a few follow up questions I had.

Nico, Belgium


You don’t need to have highly-produced demos – or even finished tracks – to submit for a critique. In fact, you’ll often get a lot of value from sharing a song that you’re still working on.

You can submit MP3 recordings, Soundcloud links, lyric sheets and/or PDF scores for your critique.

Purchase Your Critiques Now

I’m not currently offering song critiques en masse, but if you have a song or a project you’d like feedback on, please get in touch for a custom quote.

My critique was very comprehensive and clearly individualized to my song. Ed told it to me straight, with a mixture of positive feedback, as well as some very good tips to enhance my future song writing skills. I plan on using this service again for some of my older songs, and future ones written.

Charles, Texas

Ed Bell Headshot | Song Critique Service

Hello. I’m Ed Bell and I created The Song Foundry in 2014.

I’m a bestselling songwriting author, have over a decade’s experience as a music educator and have been coaching songwriters one-to-one at The Song Foundry since 2015.

In that time I’ve gotten really good at inspiring, challenging and motivating songwriters to improve their writing skills and reach their goals. This is what I do in everything I do at The Song Foundry, including offering songwriting critiques.

In each 300-word critique you’ll get feedback on what is working well in your song as well as what you can do to make your song bolder, clearer or more interesting, or what you should think about to develop your skills in your next song.

It’s your song. You’re the boss. I’m never going to tell you what you have to do, or even what you should do – just what to think about to improve. And there’s no rating your song out of ten or tearing it apart: it’s just about giving you the honest, in depth and inspiring feedback that’s going to help you reach your goals.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m really confident you’ll love the feedback you get but I want you to be confident in your purchase too. If you receive feedback that isn’t helpful, feels like a total downer or makes no sense to you, just let me know. I’ll do my best to fix it within seven working days. And if you’re still unhappy, I’ll send you a full refund – seriously – no questions asked.