The Ultimate Book of Song Starters

The Ultimate Book of Song Starters:

501 Powerful and Creative Ideas for Writing New Songs

Stuck? Blocked? Tearing out your hair?

Don’t be – get writing instead.

The Ultimate Book of Song Starters is the game-changing compilation of 501 powerful, creative and varied ideas for writing new songs in any genre or style.

The starters include song prompt-style idea starters to get you inspired by new situations and concepts. They include word starters to help you find interesting new titles. They include chord starters and rhythm starters to stimulate inventive grooves and catchy melodies.

There are also plenty of interesting miscellaneous starters that will get you thinking about songwriting in new and fresh ways.

If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone or feel like you’re spending too long thinking up song ideas instead of writing – you don’t have to sit around waiting for inspiration to hit you. Dive into The Ultimate Book of Song Starters and never be short of an exciting new song idea again.

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