Here at The Song Foundry I try to create content that challenges and inspires songwriters to dive deep into the fundamentals of songwriting and think in fresh and creative ways.

And that’s great if you already have the basics of songwriting and musicianship covered.

But if you don’t, here are five excellent songwriting courses you can use to master the basics so you can really start to play creatively from there.

They’re all songwriting courses that you can access anywhere, at your own pace and that come recommended either from members of The Song Foundry community or because I know and love the work of the instructor.

If you’re looking for more help getting started, don’t forget there are also tons of great resources on The Song Foundry Bookshelf, and you can access our own, 100% free songwriting course On Songwriting on the video page.

Otherwise, here are the five best songwriting courses I recommend, depending what areas of songwriting or musicianship you want to level up in.


Songwriting Simplified: Music Theory, Melody & Creativity

Steve Glazer


Who it’s for: Guitarists and pianists

What you get: One of the best songwriting courses for guitar and piano players, covering the basics of songwriting, including writing chord progressions, basic music theory, melodic writing, the basics of lyric writing, song structure and more.

Why it’s great: The course only requires you to have some basic experience on piano or guitar – that’s it – so it’s accessible to musicians at lots of different levels.



Songwriting: Writing The Lyrics

Pat Pattison


Who it’s for: Beginner songwriters

What you get: An comprehensive guide to writing song lyrics by Berklee College of Music professor and author of the classic book Writing Better Lyrics, Pat Pattison. Pat’s ideas around writing lyrics are incredibly detailed, so might not appeal to everyone, but if diving deep into how great lyrics work is your thing, this course won’t disappoint.

Why it’s great: You don’t need any prior experience to get a lot out of this songwriting course, and if you’re really detail-orientated in the way you create, you’ll really value the specific ideas and tools.


Songwriting Courses

Music Production in Logic Pro X: The Complete Course

Tomas George


Who it’s for: Producers who are serious about creating professional-sounding tracks

What you get: One of the most comprehensive songwriting courses that dives deep into how to master Logic Pro X – one of the most popular professional-level Digital Audio Workstations – spread over a ridiculous 32 hours of content.

Why it’s great: You get a detailed overview of the essential tools and techniques you need to start creating in Logic Pro X – recording, mixing, mastering, making beats, using MIDI and software instruments and more.



Songwriting and Music Production in GarageBand: A Total Guide

Dean Davis


Who it’s for: Beginner producers working on a lower budget or still testing the water

What you get: A complete but concise guide to producing music on GarageBand, Apple’s powerful entry-level Digital Audio Workstation which you’ll already have installed on your Mac. The course talks about MIDI instruments, Apple Loops, mastering, recording and panning.

Why it’s great: The course is focused on the basics of producing so you can get creating quickly with GarageBand.


Getting Started with Music Theory

Bruce Taggart


Who it’s for: Any musician interested in improving their theory skills

What you get: A high-quality guide to music theory covering scales, keys, intervals, rhythm, meter, triads and much more.

Why it’s great: With music theory it’s always a balance between diving deep enough into theoretical topics to be useful but not diving so deep things get dry and academic. This course is a great balance between the two.


Songwriting Courses



Have you taken any of these songwriting courses? Do you have others to recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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